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Product name:X431-SensorBox

Product name




Product description


X431-SensorBox is the accessory part working with X-431 main unit for sensor testing and simulating. Its major functions involve the simulation and test for all sensors on vehicles. Under simulation conditions, it can receive the control signal from X-431 main unit and carry out all the commands. Under test conditions, it can transfer the data back to the main unit in accordance with the control signal given by the main unit.

Under test condition, the latest data can be recorded in the form of curve. This puts the change of the test data right in front of your eyes and is highly significant for process analysis. In particular, it is good for the capture of remittent changes in the process.

Under voltage simulation condition, the user will be able to make any change to the voltage under simulation by dragging the icon indicating the voltage. This enables the simulation of any imaginable voltage change and gives more flexible and more accurate sensor simulation.

The full range of sensor parameters makes it possible to retrieve data in different ways. By presetting simulation and test range under all conditions, accurate and reliable performance can be resulted.

Powered by vehicle battery, SensorBox is widely adaptable to voltage change within the range of 8-28 volts. With the design of separated power circuits, measurement under all conditions can be made without removing the sensors from the vehicle. At the same time, the accessory adaptors give great convenience for the switching and testing of all the sensors.

The safety considerations in the design have given the SensorBox as well as the sensors under test perfect protection.



Product character



Connected with X-431 Main Unit to simulate and test various types
of sensors in vehicle.
Graphic Display
Under simulative mode it receives signals from Main Unit and then executes according to commands from Main Unit. Detailed analysis is presented by the output data in forms of graph or curve.
Voltage Sensing
Under testing mode it transmits test result to Main Unit according to requests from Main Unit. Also its voltage indication cursor can be moved to change voltage range any time and this flexibility of simulative changes will assure precise output of the sensor.
Searching Index: Various standard sensor parameters are available and can be searched by index in different ways.
Test flexibility: It can be recharged by vehicle battery and is suitable for a wide range of voltage from 8-28 Volts. Also it can function without separating the sensor from vehicle.
Safety Protection: Professional design to offer safety protection to itself and sensor of the vehicle 


Product parameter


Signal Simulation
Voltage signal
Range of voltage output: -12 to +12 Volts
Maximum output current: 40mA
Precision of output voltage: +/-1%
Pulse signal
Range of simulated frequency: 0.1 to 15 kHz
Range of output pulse: -12 to +12 Volts
Output duty ratio: 10% to 90%
Other periodic waveform signal
Range of frequency: 0.1 to 100 Hz
Range of output pulse: -12 to +12 Volts
Multi Meter
Voltage Test
Measurement range: DC-4000 to +4000 Volts
Input impedance: 10M
Resistance Test
Measurement range: 0 to 4 MΩ
Voltage: 1.2V
Frequency Test
Measurement range: 0 to 15 kHz
Input impedance: 300 KΩ
Input range: 1 to 12 Volts 


Product data 




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