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Renault Commander 2.7

Renault Commander 2.7
Product name:Renault Commander 2.7

Renault Commander 2.7

Renault K+CAN Commander V2.7

Commander for Renault is a professional software mainly for programming the new key/card of Renault vehicles. Without needs from PIN code.

Functions :

Connecting with all electronic control modules in the vehicle. Working by K and CAN bus diagnostic connection

For all electronic control units reading identification data

For all electronic control units read and clear error (DTCs)

Airbag crashdata clear - DUMP TOOL

Program ID in UCH module

Odometer correction for Renault Clio/Kango/Meganne with HC908 JAEGER

Key learning function - You can programm key or card

Coverage K-line and CAN Bus vehicles

- Megane II X84 2003-2006

- Megane II Ph2 X84 2007+

- Scenic II X64 2003+

- Scenic II Ph2 X64 2007+

- Laguna II X56 2000-2005

- Laguna II Ph2 X74 2005-2007

- Valsatis X73 2002+

- Valsatis Ph2 X73 2006+

- Espace IV X81 2003-2006

- Espace IV Ph2 X81 2006+

- Master Ph2 X70 2002-2006

- Master Ph3 X70 2007+

- Traffic II X83 2002-2006

- Traffic II Ph2 X83 2007+

- Kango MUX Ph2 X76 2002-2007

- Kango X61 2008+

- Clio II Ph2/3 X65 2002-2006

- Clio III 2005+

- Modus 2004+

- Master III

- Logan X90 2004-2008

- Logan Ph2 X90 2008+

- Sandero B90 2008+

- Solenza 2003-2005

- Samsung SM3 2006+

- Fluence 2009+

- Twingo Ph2 X06 2002-2007

- Opel Vivaro 2002-2006

- Opel Vivaro Ph2 2007+

- Opel Movano Ph2 2002-2006

- Opel Movano Ph3 2007+

- Nissan Primestar Ph2 2002-2006

- Nissan Primestar Ph3 2007+

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