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ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor

ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor
Product name:ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor

ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor

8 independent fully isolated 48-pin ZIF sockets
Support Flash, EPROM, EEPROM, Microprocessor with 5 Volts and 3 Volts
Program 8 pieces 8 MB Flash chips within 45 seconds
Auto-sense, self-start with standard/semi-concurrent mode
Independent modules allow flexible configuration
Universal adapters for 48TSOP/44PSOP/40TSOP Flash chips support
Customized MCU support
Device insertion and continuity test
Project file save/load function
USB or parallel port interface with auto-switch power supply
Supports OS : Windows 95/98/ME/2000, windows XP and NT (Parallel port)
Windows 98SE/ME/2000, windows XP (USB port)
Software update via Internet
Optional handler interface

The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor is a gang programmer, which works through your PC's USB port or parallel port. It features 8 pcs fully isolated 48-pin ZIF sockets, extremely high throughput, standard 5V and 3V chip support, device insertion and continuity check. With PC-based design the device update through software gives customer more flexible and quick access to the new chip support. The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processorsupports EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH in the introduction. Future software update will include 87C5x, 89C5x , and PIC16Cxx microprocessor.
The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor has flexible design. If customer has special chips that not in our standard support list, we provide a special program that allow the ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processorv become a customize special chip production gang programmer.
Universal Adapter for Flash chips
The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor is designed to meet your future need of high density flash chips, it uses PC's resource to support 32k-bit up to 256M-bit memory chips without upgrade the hardware. The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor also provides 48-pin TSOP, 44-pin PSOP, 40-pin TSOP, and 32-pin TSOP universal adapters for all the flash chips which eliminates the need to purchase multiple adapters and saves money.
Unbeatable speed through semi-concurrent programming technology
The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor's on-board intelligence reduces the system's overhead. It programs 8 pcs of 8Mb flash chips (Intel 28F800B3) within 45 seconds. An experienced operator can program thousands of high density chips per day. Further more, with the semi-concurrent programming capability, you can divide the 8 sockets into two groups and program one group of 4 chips while removing or inserting the chips of the other group simultaneously.
 Flash Intel 28FXXX
 2M 4M 8M 16M
  Blank Check 3.9 sec 7.1 sec 13.8 sec 27.2 sec
  Program 11.6 sec 22.6 sec 42.7 sec 85.0 sec
  Verify 8.5 sec 16.5 sec 32.4 sec 64.4 sec
Fully isolated ZIF socket
Each socket's address, data bus, control lines, power supply and programming voltage of ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor are isolated (> 1M ohm). Besides, each socket has independent build-in Vcc and Vpp current limit circuitry. A defective device will not affect the programming integrity of other devices.
Devices insertion and continuity checks-No mistakes!
The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor performs device insertion and continuity checking before program each device. It can detect poor pin contact, device insertion of wrong position and pin number mismatch. This function prevents the damage of expensive chip due to operator's mistake.
 Auto-sensing and self programming
The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor has implemented a patented technology: after the chips are put into the ZIF sockets, LabTool-848XP will check if the chips are inserted properly and have good contact. The system has an adjustable timer so that if the poor insertion is not fixed in time, ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor will shutdown the socket of poor contact socket and program the rest of chips automatically.
Project file "Save and Load"
Customer can save a project file which contains the device selection, buffer data and all programming option settings. The project file can be loaded at any time for future use. Engineer's design and settings can easily pass to production department without mistake.
Variable VCC with one or two-pass verification
The ProgramTool-848XP TurboGang Processor allow you to set the verifying voltage, e.g.,Vcc +/- 5%, Vcc+/- 10%, after chips are programmed. Vcc voltage can be 2 Volts to 7.5 Volts. The data retention is promised with this feature. 
Device Support Summary > Detailed Device List
Generic EPROM: 27xxx series, 32k to 32Mb, 8/16-bit width.
Flash EPROM: support NOR. NAND, AND, DI-NOR, EEPROM technology.
29XXX, 5V/3V Flash, 28Fxxx 12V/5V/3V Flash from all major venders.
Microprocessor: (Future release through software update) Intel 87C5x compatible, ATMEL 89C5x compatible, Microchip PIC16Cxx. 

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