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Fire Bird

Fire Bird
Product name:Fire Bird
Fire Bird
Battery Powered Blind Rivet Setting Tool

Part-N°: 726 0032

(CE Conformity: Machinery Safety according to EEC Directive N°. 2006/42/EC)


All features at a glance:


Technical data:
Fire Bird
: The versatile cableless Riveting Tool for outdoor and indoor applications.

High Performance:
Large working range, from M3 to M8 in aluminium and steel, M6 stainless steel and M10 in aluminium. High battery autonomy. High efficiency through ball screw drive power transmission.

High Speed Setting:
Safe and easy drill-on of the blind rivet nuts. Constant speed setting and automatic switching to drill-off at the end of the setting process.

Safe and easy:
Drill-on of the blind rivet nut with reduced torque and automatic switch-off. Separate Triggering of the pulling step. Monitoring of preset stroke through electronic control. Drill-off with high torque after setting is complete.

Quick mandrel exchange:
Quick mandrel exchange and stroke adjustment without tools.

  • M6 threaded mandrel and nosepiece in working position
  • 1 each M4 and M5 threaded mandrel and nosepiece in magazine
  • Retractable suspension loop
  • 1 quick battery charger
  • 1 battery
  • 1 wrench
  • 1 Metall carrying case


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