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CodeScan CS602

CodeScan CS602
Product name:CodeScan CS602
CodeScan CS602
The CS602 is the world’s portable OBD II/ EOBD code scanner, using the color LCD, it supports all 10 OBD diagnostic service on all OBD II compliant vehicles to enable technicians to accurately diagnose even the toughest problems. The CS602 is also very easy to use. It is more faster and helps you troubleshooting more efficiently. With built-in help menus and code definitions, diagnosing and repairing that dreaded Check Engine Light is now easier than ever!
Product Features & Functions
1)      Works on all 1996 and later OBD II compliant US, European and Asian vehicles.
2)      Supports all 10 OBD II test modes, including the latest 0A mode.
3)      Supports diagnostic protocol including SAE J1850 PWM/VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 (KWP), ISO 15765-4 (11 bit and 29 bit CAN)
4)      Supports multi-language operation
5)      Uses 2.8" color LCD Display
6)      Retrieves generic codes and manufacturer specific or enhanced codes.
7)      Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.
8)      Views freeze frame data
9)      View live PCM datastream
10)    Graphs live datastream
11)    Read live O2 sensors test data.
12)    Read vehicle information (VIN, CID and CVN)
13)    Record and playback history data
14)    Built-in OBD II DTC lookup library
15)    Software upgradeable via professional upgrade
Screen: 2.8" TFT 262K true color, 320*240 QVGALCD display
Input voltage range: 8~18V
Operation current: <100mA 12V(Typical)
Power consumption: <1.2W(Typical)
Operation temperature: 32°F~122°F/0°C~50°C
Storage temperature: -4°F~158°F/-20°C~70°C @ RH60%
Outline dimension: 4.7´*3.2´*1.0´/121*82*26mm LWH
Weight: <28.2 oz(800g)
Function List:
1)      Retrieve & erase trouble codes
2)      View freeze frame data
3)      View live data with graph
4)      I/M Readiness Test
5)      O2 sensor monitor test
6)      On board monitor test
7)      DTC lookup
8)      Record and playback history data
Accessories Included:
Hardcopy User’s Manual
6-foot Cable with OBD II Connector
CD Update Tools Kids
USB Cable
Nylon carry Case
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