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Product name:BeeHive4


Short description:
 41541 supported devices by 2.51 version of SW (14. Aug. 2008)
Four independent universal programming modules (BeeProg+ based) in one unit
two BeeHive4+ multiprogrammers can be attached to one PC to better utilize programming workplace
extremely fast programming, one of the fastest programmers in this category. Programs 64Mbit NOR Flash memory less than 46 seconds and 1Gbit NAND Flash less than 120 sec.
powerful independent pin driver circuit for each and every pin of the programmer
in-circuit programming capability through ISP connector
Very low voltage support for latest Flash memory chips
ESD protection on each pin of the sockets
no adapter required for any DIL devices
USB (up to 480 Mbit/s) interface to PC
Windows 2000/XP/2003/XPx64/Vista compatible software
warranty - 3 years

BeeHive4+ is extremely fast universal 4x 48-pindrive concurrent multiprogramming system designed for high volume production programming with minimal operator effort. The chips are programmed at near theoretical maximum programming speed.
BeeHive4+ consists of four independent isolated universal programming modules, based on the BeeProg+ programmer hardware. Therefore the sockets can run asynchronously (concurrent programming mode). Each programming module starts programming at the moment the chip is detected to be inserted in the socket properly - independently on the status of other programming modules. It result, three programming modules works while you replace the programmed chip at the fourth.
Modular construction of hardware - the programming modules works independently - allows for continuing operation when a part of the circuit becomes inoperable. It also makes service quick and easy.
Hands-free operation: asynchronous and concurrent operation allows a chip to begin programming immediately upon insertion of a chip. The operator merely removes the finished chip and inserts a new chip. Operator training is therefore minimized.
Supports all kinds of types and silicon technologies of today and tomorrow programmable devices without family-specific module. You can be sure the next devices support require the software update and (if necessary) simple package convertor (programming adapter), therefore the ownership cost are minimized.
Using built-in in-circuit serial programming (ISP) connector, the programmer is able to program ISP capable chips in circuit.
Provides very competitive price coupled with excellent hardware design for reliable programming. Probably best "value for money"programmer in this class.
Very fast programming due to high-speed FPGA driven hardware and execution of time-critical routines inside of the programmer. At least fast than competitors in this category, for many chips much faster than most competitors. As a result, when used in production this programmer waits for an operator, and not the other way round.
BeeHive4+ interfaces with the IBM PC compatible, portable or desktop personal computers through USB (2.0) port.
Banana jack for ESD wrist straps connection to easy-to-implement the ESD protection control.

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